christmas-2016-coverLocated in the northern part of Highgate, people have been worshipping God at All Saints’ Church for 150 years. We strive to offer our parish a place for worship, a welcoming place to explore faith and a focus on fellowship and community. Through our frequent Fellowship/Outreach events we are committed to opening our doors to the community and extending ourselves to those most in need, both in our local area and throughout the world. Please visit us on a Sunday morning, a Wednesday evening or at one of our Fellowship/Outreach events. Across all that we offer we hope that you find All Saints’ to be a place where you can experience the love of God in joyful, lively worship and in quiet, contemplative reflection. Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus Christ, we hope to travel with you and that you find a home with us. –Bryce P Wandrey, Priest in Charge

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Works on the Old Vicarage Site

In the March 17, 2016 issue of the Ham and High I outlined the safety and future of All Saints’ Church. Please go to page 25 of this issue to read that. Given that the old Vicarage site is now lying in rubble it seems a good opportunity to now say this: the vicarage will be rebuilt! The new vicarage will occupy half of the land of the old vicarage (the half nearest the church) but will still be the same size house as the previous vicarage (an obvious loss of garden space but, still, a wonderful new vicarage for the parish). I understand that walking by a construction site and seeing the vicarage now, seemingly, part of it can be alarming. Hence, rest assured, that the vicarage will be rebuilt and, along with the church, will be a part of this parish for a very long time. Sincerely, Revd Bryce

Our Monthly All-in Service

AllSaintsFlierFinalWithBleedJPEGFamily Friendly. Relaxed and Welcoming. Every 3rd (and 5th, when they occur) Sunday of the month our Parish Communion is our All-in Service. This service is led musically by our guitarist (Andy) and, at times, accompanied by violins and other instruments. The children help lead the service by reading the Bible story and leading our prayers. This is a service which includes communion and a message but everyone, of all ages, stay in the church for the entire service (ie. the children do not go into the hall for Sunday School). The service is normally 50 minutes in duration.

The children reading the Bible Story at our All-in Service on 29 March 2015.

The children reading the Bible Story at our All-in Service on 29 March 2015.

Sunday School

splash_childrenThere is Sunday School, every Sunday morning, at the 10.00am Parish Communion service (except for the 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month during our All-in service). The children gather for a message towards the beginning of the service, sing a song and then proceed to Sunday School. We are currently using Scripture Union’s Lifelight lessons for age groups 5-8 and 9+ (see the picture link for more information). Children who are Reception age and older meet in the hall while the younger children meet upstairs. For parents of children 0-18 mos.: we provide a mat at the back of church with soft-toys. If you have any questions about our Sunday School and would like to speak with one of our parent organizers, please email Austen or Elizabeth.

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