Baptism Form

Please fill in the following form which will provide us with information about your child’s baptism at All Saints’. All of this information will be emailed to the All Saints’ email account and The Revd Bryce P Wandrey will be in contact after receipt. Thank you.

Please note:

  1. If you do not live within the boundaries of All Saints’ parish, or are not on the Electoral Roll of the parish, the law requires that the good will of the Vicar of the parish in which you live be sought. You will be able to discuss this with The Revd Bryce P Wandrey once he contacts you upon receiving this form.
  2. Godparents must be baptized.
  3. 1. For every child to be baptized there shall be not fewer than three godparents, of whom at least two shall be of the same sex as the child and of whom at least one shall be of the opposite sex; save that, when three cannot conveniently be had, one godfather and godmother shall suffice. Parents may be godparents for their own children provided that the child have at least one other godparent.2. The godparents shall be persons who will faithfully fulfil their responsibilities both by their care for the children committed to their charge and by the example of their own godly living. (Canon Law of the Church of England B.23.1 and 2)