Highgate Theology & Fellowship Group


Highgate Theology and Fellowship Group

TRINITY Series 2017

Tuesday 14th November The Cross

Tuesday 28th November The Supper at Emmaus

This series will be conducted as interactive seminars, exploring in poetry, painting and music some of the finest artistic responses to four pivotal events in the life of Christ, alongside various readings, including Pope Benedict XVI’s penultimate book Jesus of Nazareth (available in three inexpensive volumes published by Bloomsbury Press).

All talks take place in St Michael’s Church Parish Hall Highgate, South Grove, N6 6BJ at 10:45am for an 11:00 am start finishing around 12:30pm.

About the 14th

Speaker: Chris Grey, Lecturer in Theological Aesthetics, London School of Theology

Wesley’s famous line, “’Tis mystery all: The Immortal dies!” expresses the ultimate paradox of this ‘impossible’ event in Jesus’ earthly life and ministry. Can creedal statements such as ‘He descended to the dead’ be ever fully understood?

In this seminar, our theme is the Cross, and for those who like to prepare, we shall continue through John Donne’s La Corona, now reaching ‘Crucifying’ – the fifth and possibly most complex sonnet of the set. We’ll also range across several visual depictions – prominently Peter Howson’s disturbingly grotesque series of paintings The Harrowing of Hell; we’ll draw from the meditation ‘Good Friday’ by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh and listen to an extract of J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion – to at least consider the mystery of faith, as the Church states it.

Everyone is welcome to attend all or some of these ecumenical meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact the Revd Robert Willoughby.